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Brighton Auto Clinic Services

Auto Repair Shop and Engine Inspections in Brighton, Colorado

Our team at Brighton Auto Clinic invites residents of Brighton  and neighboring cities to take advantage of our outstanding result on auto repair and vehicle maintenance needs. If you are looking for an honest and dependable auto shop to provide you with transmission repair, brake replacement or engine rebuilds we are the team for you. Each of our certified and insured mechanics is guaranteed to provide you with the most exceptional result on your specific needs.

As your leading provider of auto repair services, rest assured that when you are in need of air conditioning service, brake repair or engine inspection we are the team for you. Our preventative maintenance service is the best thing you can provide you vehicle, not only will it lengthen the lifespan of your car, but prevent major damage from occurring. Speak with us today at (720) 230-3705 and learn more about our outstanding services at Brighton Auto Clinic; one of our friendly associates will be glad to assist you in your time of need.

Auto Mechanic

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a critical service that every vehicle owner should take advantage of. Not only will this help maintain the quality of your vehicle, but uncover issues before worse problems occur. We can provide you with tire pressure check, oil and fluid changes, brake checks as well as air conditioning services.

Vehicle Visability Issues

Drivability Issues

If you come across issues such as stalling, surging, cutting-out, lack of power or similar services, allow us to help. We are proud to supply clients with the best drive-ability issue repairs to meet their specific needs. You may need repair on your closed loop system or are facing damaged to your catalytic converters.

New Tire Replacement

Tire Pressure

Our team of professionals is proud to offer you honest and superior tire pressure services. We can help you locate any punctures or damaged done to your tires, and make honest suggestions about the outlook on your tires as a whole. Whether you are in need of routine check or are driving out of town, we will provide you with unsurpassed tire pressure services.

Car Servicing

Oils and Fluids

As leading provider in auto maintenance services,we offer a variety of services that include oil and fluid checks. We can locate any cracks or leaks that may have caused your check engine light ot come on. Our team can provide you with a system flush and brand new oil and fluid refills.

Vehicle Overheating


Have you recently been experiencing overheating of your car, truck or SUV? We offer clients with the most exceptional results on auto repair services. Each of our professionals is guaranteed to provide you with in depth evaluations to uncover the base of your problem. It is important to receive service after overheating to prevent further damage to your value.

Car Check Engine

Check Engine Light

Has your check engine light just gone on, and you’ve found yourself in need of immediate help? With our latest tools and equipment we can uncover your issues in a matter of minutes. We will provide you with honest feedback on your check engine light needs, and affordable service repairs to exceed your expectations.

Wheel Alignment


If you have recently been feeling like your car is pulling to a particular side, it may be time for an alignment service. Our expert mechanics offer fast and effcient tire alignment to get you back on the road in no time. This is important to receive because it can cause damage to your tires and suspension.

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